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Frantic Assembly Workshop

This January I spent a week at a Frantic Assembly workshop in LA taught by Simon Pittman and Gavin Maxwell. I honestly didn't know too much about the company, but my dear friend, Eli Lynn had mentioned I should join them... and I AM SO GLAD I DID! I did the train track rather than the create track. Our group was filled to the brim with skilled and inspirational theatre practitioners from so many different backgrounds. It was a wonderful group to be immersed in for the week. Our teachers were very knowledgable, but also so open to exploration. These are the type of rooms I want to be in. Where the work can get done through play and exploring.

Frantic Assembly work combines so many of the elements that I want my work to be. The ability for the human body to create invocative physicalization is boundless in storytelling. I am so inspired to use this methodology to create stories using whole body movement and exploration. I feel like I'm picking up the pieces that are needed to create the work I have always wanted to... hopefully soon I will have the means to put these pieces together!

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