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Becky's New Car
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As You Like It
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Becky's New Car
Becky's New Car
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THE BRACEBRIDGE DINNER: Yosemite National Park

"...Sydney Schwindt, a classically trained fight choreographer, brought kinetic energy to her scenes as the production’s first woman jester..."

- Jill Cowen, The New York Times CLICK HERE

COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (Abridged): Livermore Shakespeare Festival

"I tip my hat to actors Robyn Grahn, Sydney Schwindt and Jed Parsario. Their talents are breathtaking to behold."

- Carol Graham, Independent News CLICK HERE


BLITHE SPIRIT: Lucky Penny Productions

"Willful specter Elvira (Sydney Schwindt), in superb makeup by Brette Bartolucci, integrates menace with coquettish pouting that is captivating from the moment she appears in billowing mist."

- Alexa Chipman (Napa Valley Register) CLICK HERE

"The production features Bay Area favorite Tim Kniffin as Charles Condomine and Sydney Schwindt as Elvira (who were both outstanding, she as a most fetching ghost)."

- Paul Franson (Napa Life) CLICK HERE

"Schwindt is a lot of fun as the devilish Elvira"

- Harry Duke ( Full Review CLICK HERE 


"Not a weak actor in the group, but I must say that Sydney Schwindt (Popeye Jackson) stole the show with her spot-on rendition of a "Good-ole Down South" country girl."

- Bart Barthelemy (Napa Valley Register) Full Review CLICK HERE 

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: Davis Shakespeare Festival

"My favorite is the vexing of Helena whose portrayal by Sydney Schwindt raises the game to another level"

-Scott Ragsdale (Davis Enterprise) Full Review CLICK HERE

"...Helena (Sydney Schwindt, whose training as a clown was good preparation for this role)..."

- Jeff Hudson (Davis Enterprise) Full Review CLICK HERE

HAMLET: San Francisco Shakespeare Festival

"When the fiery Laertes (played by the lithe performer Sydney Schwindt) bounds out of Ophelia’s freshly dug grave to wrestle Andalis’ much more sturdily built Hamlet, it’s a thrill to see a presumed mismatch in fact play out as tit for tat — or rumble for tumble."

-Lily Janiak (SF Gate) Full Review CLICK HERE

JIHAD JONES & THE KALASHNIKOV BABES: Arabian Shakespeare Festival

"Jihad Jones is a well-crafted, superbly acted high comedy with a moral dilemma that transcends the current issues of Arab and Muslim stereotypes."

" star Cassandra Shapley (a fetching Sydney Schwindt) arrive to audition Ashraf for the film..."

-Susan Dunn (Theatrius) Full Review CLICK HERE

BECKY'S NEW CAR: The Hampton Theatre Company

"Sydney Schwindt was a breath of fresh spring air as Kenni Flood."

-Dawn Watson (Southampton and East Hampton Press)


"Becky meets Walter's daughter, elegantly played by Sydney Schwindt..."

-Steve Parks (Newsday) 


BLACK TIE: The Hampton Theatre Company

"Curtis’s daughter, Elsie, played by Sydney Schwindt, offers a breath of fresh air when she arrives on the stage"

-Michelle Trauring (Southampton and East Hampton Press) 


THE TEMPEST: The Curtain Theatre

"...his sheltered daughter Miranda, pleasantly portrayed by Sydney Schwindt"

-Sam Hurwitt (Marin Independent Journal)


The Meanderthals "Tales of Poe"

"...the troupe’s dedication shines through in a way that can’t be overlooked. Tales of Poe will captivate whether you’re a die-hard Poe aficionado, or just a casual bookworm."

-Cara Cerino, Full Review by A Beast in a Jungle CLICK HERE



Livermore Shakespeare Festival "Othello"

"There’s some spirited swordplay scattered through the show, in fights directed by Sydney Schwindt (one of the three performers in “Complete Works”). The play’s most vital death scene is chilling in part because of how mercilessly long it takes."

- Sam Hurwitt, Mercury News CLICK HERE

Davis Shakespeare Ensemble "Ken Ludwig's Three Musketeers"

"Sydney Schwindt’s nimble fight choreography is a major factor in this show’s success."

- Jeff Hudson, Davis Enterprise CLICK HERE

"The frequent swordplay (something like 20 fights, deftly choreographed by Sydney Schwindt) is basically bloodless, with many miraculous escapes."

-Jeff Hudson, Sacramento News and Review CLICK HERE


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