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NY Times visits The Bracebridge Dinner this year

This Yuletide I joined The Bracebridge Dinner for my second year, but this year was my first as the full time Jester. 2018 I served as the Jester's understudy, but now I donned the motley (my very own costume made specifically for me - with some special alterations for hijinks) and even wrote my own scene! There has not been a female Jester in the show's 93 year history though many famous clowns have played this role including Jeff Raz and Yosemite's very own Ansel Adams. It was truly an honor to play this part and bring my own form of comedy to the role. I love playing non-traditional, non-ingenue roles. I was incredibly surprised to hear the audience's comments afterwards - many long time attendees were trepidatious about having a woman fill this role. It surprised me since there is nothing about the role that speaks about the gender of the character - the role serves as light, humor, and heart - and I know scores of female identifying folks with those traits! This show and specifically this role was an absolute joy to be a part of. I'm proud to be part of The Bracebridge Dinner's History.

Our cast was joined by journalists and photographers from The New York Times.

"... Sydney Schwindt, a classically trained fight choreographer, brought kinetic energy to her scenes as the production’s first woman jester..."

Photos by Jenna Schoenefeld - NY Times

Photos by Jenna Schoenefeld - NY Times

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