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Comic for New California Arts Fund!

Through San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, I joined the Story Teller group of an NCAF (New California Arts Fund) project. 14 California Arts organizations got together to discuss resiliency during this stressful time. There were a group of Story Gatherers who interviewed folks at each company and compiled their stories in beautifully written pieces. From there, the Story Tellers read the stories and created art from them. I worked on a comic book with quotes from the stories.

This project gathered hope, created bonds with different arts organizations across the field and across the state, and made me feel like we were progressing. We, as an industry, are trying to take steps. We are all at a different place, but at least these organizations are all trying to create a better future - a more inclusive future, a more adaptable future, one that includes us all.

Organizations Involved:

Pacific Symphony



Riverside Art Museum

Alliance for California Traditional Arts

Cornerstone Theatre Company

Santa Cruise Museum of Art and History

La Jolla Playhouse

Old Globe Theatre

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival

Oakland Museum of California


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