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Associate Instructor for Texas Stage Combat Intensive

From England right into teaching the Starter Track at the Texas Stage Combat Intensive. I really had no idea what I was getting into when assigned this position, but it was an unforgettable experience! Myself with 3 other teachers had the opportunity to teach an entire weekend intensive for beginners. I was paired with the marvelous Chris Van Winkle to teach Single Sword and Quarterstaff. How fortuitous that I had just gotten back from England from studying both of those weapons! It is incredibly challenging to be teaching in front of other teachers who are assessing your teaching style and classroom management, but it is so reward. Jack Young and Amie Root who now both run this program were incredibly instructive, compassionate, and helpful. I grew so much as a teacher in those two days. Thank you so much to the students who were open and ready to learn! And thank you to our teachers who opened my eyes to all that it is to teach stage combat! I look forward to doing this more!

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