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The Lady Scribblers at Custom Made Theatre

How exciting to get to work on a World Premiere! Especially a world premiere that centers classic female playwrights! A new play always presents challenges - script changes, new scenes, altered lines, etc etc etc, but this play also has tons of action from slapstick to sword fights! These actors have done a phenomenal job of overcoming those new play difficulties and making this script their own.

WORLD PREMIERE The Lady Scribblers by Michaela Goldhaber directed by Tracy Ward a co-production with Those Women Productions March 6 – March 29, 2020

London 1689. A fight breaks out at the funeral of Aphra Behn, the first woman to earn her living as a playwright. Mary Pix, who writes comedies in her kitchen while waiting for her bread to rise, wants to get her plays on the stage, but Christopher Rich, who runs the only royally sanctioned theatre in London, sneers at her and refuses to allow any more plays by women. Playwright Goldhaber spent over twenty years of researching and directing the work of women playwrights of the Restoration, and in this play, she borrows their style to tell their story in a delightful farce.

THE LADY SCRIBBLERS is part of the first annual Bay Area Women’s Theatre Festival

With: Annika Bergman, Emma Curtin, Michael Houston, Dave Sikula, Emily Stone, J.J. Van Name, Ted Zoldan, Valarie Fachman, Oluchi Nwokocha

Creative Team: Moy Ahlers, Madge Grahn, RJ James Heather Kenyon, Brittany Mellerson, Rachael Heiman, Natalie Greene, Sydney Schwindt, J.J. Van Name, Adam L. Sussman

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