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ACT's A Christmas Carol: Co-Fight Directing the Bay Area's Classic Holiday Tradition

Fights in A Christmas Carol - what!?! In ACT's Christmas Carol there is always a fight. This year my friend and colleague, Danielle O'Dea brought me on to this Bay Area tradition to help choreograph that very fight. This fight involves two different casts of child actor's that truly know how to bring it!

I love theatre around the holidays. It imparts the stories of empathy, love, and support that spread the message I believe in most. Most theatre companies have a tradition they follow - a lot of those traditions involve A Christmas Carol. When I was receiving my BFA at the Hartt School, the senior acting class joins Hartford Stage's rendition of A Christmas Carol. I haven't been involved with this specific show since that time - and the memories came flooding back! The show is as much fun to see as it is to be a part of. Christmas parties, craft making, food donations, etc etc etc instill a spirit of giving and of joy through out the cast. I am so glad to have joined this family for the holidays.

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