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Fight Choreography: Caeneus and Poseidon

I'm very excited to be serving as fight director for the new play: Caeneus & Poseidon at Dragon Productions Theatre Company! I've been to a couple rehearsals so far and I couldn't be happier to have such a talented and lovely cast to work with. The play centers around a transgender hero from Greek Mythology. I'm proud to be working with this team creating art and telling stories that need to be told!

Check out:

Caeneus and Poseidon is a new play inspired by a transgender figure from Greek mythology. Originally written for the 2012 San Francisco Olympians Festival, it will be produced as part of Dragon Theatre's 2017 2nd Stages Series in Redwood City, March 10-April 2, 2017. Come be a part of this exciting new theatrical experience that blends the classical and the contemporary.

Caeneus begins his life as Caenis, assigned female at birth. After the sea-god Poseidon grants his wish for a new body, Caenis - now Caeneus - feels compelled to hide his former identity from all but his closest friend, Hippodamia, as he seeks the acceptance of his kinsmen and community. But as he and Hippodamia begin a relationship that challenges their society’s strict social order, and as a vengeful Poseidon works behind the scenes to bring about Caeneus’ downfall, the young man must find the strength to openly embrace his identity and his past.

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