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DSE's Romeo and Juliet!

DSE has extended our festival for the first time to overlap into the school year! I have the pleasure of working on this production in many different facets including heading up our new education program, fight director, actor, and producer!

So far it has been a fantastic experience. I have had a lot of time to work with my fights so as to truly hone not just the choreography, but the skill set behind fighting with a rapier and dagger. I'm very proud of these actors and the work they have put in to make these fights the best possible vehicle for storytelling!

Getting to play Benvolio with one of my best friends as Romeo has been an absolute joy. Rehearsals are always fun. The sincerity and humor just seem to flow between characters... through all of the characters within this cast. I'm thrilled to see the work everyone has put in.

We open September 29th and run Thursday - Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm until October 16th. Get your tickets now!!!

Design by Evan Clayburg

Photo by Gabby Battista

Video by Evan Clayburg

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