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Fight Choreography "Romeo and Juliet"

The past two evenings I've been working with the cast of Romeo and Juliet at UCDavis as fight director. This is my first time choreographing for a university. The students have such a thirst for learning and though they are intimidated picking up a sword for the first time, they are eager to make these fights badass! I've made some complicated choreography for them to follow, but I have faith they will raise to the occassion. We are just getting started and I am looking forward to getting more in detail with these fantastic fights! I had forgotten what a great show Romeo and Juliet is. I don't believe I have really delved into it in full since college. It is so full of life. It really captures that youthful mindset... in the fighting, the passion, and the high stakes for all. I'm really excited to keep working on it! A shout out to the marvelous AD, Lily Tanner for setting me up with this fantastic opportunity!

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