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Sword in the Stone - B Street Theatre

I have had the marvelous opportunity of being a teacher and a performer with The B Street Theatre, but now I've gotten to serve as fight director for a brand new Theatre for Young Audience show "The Sword in the Stone"!

I have rarely seen this story produced on stage and I AM SO EXCITED!!!! One... as a fight director - what a dream come true and TWO... as a fan of Arthurian legends I AM STOKED! The cast of four brings to life many different characters, many costume changes, and all around magic! Not only did I get to choreograph sword fights, but also a Shark v. Pirate fight! AAAAND magic with Merlin's staff! AAAAAND there may be a dragon... just saying.

Adults and children will relish in this show that opens this weekend October 19th! GO SEE IT! I know I cannot wait for it!

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