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Assistant Directing & Fight Directing MACBETH

This fall I got to rejoin Shakespeare On Tour with SF Shakes... but this time as a Director! Being a part of Shakespeare on Tour was incredibly formative for me as an actor and creator so I am more than pumped to help bring this play into schools all over California.

Our cast is phenomenal! They have worked hard and brought this play into a new light for me. I have worked on many different Macbeths, but there is something about the tour that is magical. For many students it will be their first introduction to Shakespeare. The tour performs for kindergarteners all the way to retirement homes. They bring their pipe and drape set with them from LA to Fort Bragg and everywhere in between. I was immensely impressed by talent our group brought to the table on day one, but even more impressed by how much they grew just through out the rehearsal process. I am so excited to drop in on shows through out their journey and see how much further they have continues to grow!

If you or anyone you know is interested in bringing Macbeth to your school visit

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