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She Persisted, The Musical!

Opening this amazing and poignant musical has been a whirlwind. After only a week of rehearsals - the green cast put up our show today! This show is a must see. I wasn't sure how this book about strong female characters in history would translate to the stage, but it is beautiful. It makes me tear up every time and I am not a cryer.

I have the joy of playing Dr. Virginia Apgar and the infamous Sally Ride! I sing a song about the APGAR score and one about going into space as well as backup in almost all of the other numbers. The music written by Deborah La Puma is inspiring, catchy, and just flat out enjoyable. The script is relatable for all ages! EVERYONE - adult, child, male, female - SHOULD GO SEE THIS SHOW! Whether you see the blue or green (I'm in green!) cast - GO SEE IT! I love children's theatre that is for everyone.

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