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Fight Choreography Nominated for TBA Award!

And shortly after my first ever award nomination... my fight choreography is nominated for a TBA Award for Outstanding Fight Choreography! I am super excited that TBA recently added this award - so wonderful to have my fellow fighters recognized by our theatre organization! It was my first time working for Ross Valley and what a delightful team they have! I am so thankful to director, Christian Haines for bringing in. Below is listed our fabulous cast and crew!

Cast & Crew

Martha Gillette – Ellen Brooks

Inspector Gorin – Pamela Ciochetti

Aggie Wheeler – Isabelle Grimm

Simon Bright – Elliott Hanson

Felix Geisel – Tom Hudgens

Daria Chase – Rachel Kayhan

William Gilette – Robert Molossi

Madge Giesel – Sumi Narendran

Director – Christian Haines

Lighting Designer – Ellen Brooks

Costume Designer – Michael Berg

Sound Designer – Bruce Vieira

Set Construction – Eugene DeChristopher

Property Design & Scenic Art – Dhyanis Carniglia

Production Manager – Maureen O’Donoghue

Stage Manager – Madge Grahn

Volunteer Coordinator – Eleanor Prugh

Lighting Operator – Halina

Publicity – Karin Conn

Marketing & Graphic Design – Jayme Catalano

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