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More Cyrano!

I attended the opening of Cyrano de Bergerac at Livermore Shakespeare Festival on Friday. What a fun time! I am thrilled by the new adaptation by Lisa Tromovitch (LSF Artistic Director). It is one of the few Cyrano's out there that does justice to the character of Roxane. I am ecstatic that I got to be part of this fabulous show and can't wait to see it continue!


Cyrano is also well known for its exciting fight scenes with intricately choreographed swordplay. Livermore Shakes hired Bay Area actress and Fight Choreographer, Sydney Schwindt to stage the fights. "Sydney Schwindt has created some of the most beautiful fight choreography I’ve seen on any stage,” states Tromovitch. “The duel between Valvert and Cyrano is just gorgeous! I’m especially pleased for our female apprentices and interns to see a woman in this key leadership position. Fight choreography is akin to dance choreography, but many more men take it on than women. There is no reason why women can’t be choreographing in equal numbers. She is inspiring our young women to expand their vision of possible roles in the theater beyond just acting.”


Photo by Cumulus Light - Photography by Gregg Le Blanc. Jennifer Le Blanc and Ryan Tasker. Costumes by Barbara Murray.

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