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Hamlet: Shakespeare in the Park

Yesterday was our official opening for Hamlet with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. What an exciting and rewarding journey this has been! And it's just getting started.

I've had the great pleasure of working with SF Shakes in various other projects. I've done two educational tours (As You Like It, Hamlet) as well as having taught with them and worked in their office. It's extremely exciting to join them for their summer main stage production. This is SF Shakes' 35th season and they are celebrating by doing Hamlet for the first time. I love this company. They give back to their community so much. It truly is a joy to work with them each time.

I'm playing Laertes, Player Queen, and Francisco in this production. Carla Pantoja is the amazing fight director. I could not be more excited to have had the chance to work with her. She is a total badass and I hope to work with her much more in the future. Playing Laertes as a girl has been rad. I've recently had encounters where folks state that women feel grief and sadness before feeling anger and that isn't always true. Laertes has a wealth of emotion, but unlike Hamlet, goes straight into action. I'm looking forward to playing her for the next three months.


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