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Margaret of Anjou Fight Choreography

Just finished day 3 of fight choreography with the fabulous cast of Margaret of Anjou! A play where Shakespeare's Henry VIs plays and Richard III have been combined with help from playwright, Lauren Jansen-Parkes to tell the story of Margaret of Anjou. Set in the 1940's, this play delves into the female behind the War of the Roses!

There are three large battles in which we primarily have pistols and a couple of knives. It has been an exciting challenge to juggle 10 actors and various weapons on a small stage to create the feel of this famous historical battles! I have full confidence these actors are going to make the choreography look wonderful. Looking forward to working with them further in the space!

Margaret of Anjou opens August 25th and runs until September 11th at the Live Oak Theatre in Berkeley, CA. Directed by Libby Vega.

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