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2016 Festival Closes with a Bang!

Well, in the words of Ella Peterson from Bells Are Ringing... "the party's over"! We closed both the summer repertory shows and finished up three sessions of Camp Shakespeare with the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble!

Phew!!! This summer was a lot of work, but it paid off (as seen from the great reviews posted below and being nominated as one of the best professional theatre companies in the region)! Audiences continued to grow throughout the run until we had the largest audiences in DSE history! It is amazing to see such great responses... the hard work was definitely worth it! It was nerve-wracking for me in a new way since I have never had such a large role in a company before... working as an associate producer, fight choreographer, actor, camp counselor, and a plethora of other roles. It felt like a lot at stake, but it is important to continue to challenge ourselves, to take on new roles and be forced rise to the occasion. I like to think that all of us at DSE rose to the occasion and then surpassed it! Great friends, wonderful memories, and some uplifting art was created. That sounds like a success to me.

The cadets and Cyrano in Cyrano de Bergerac. Photo credit Gabby Battista

Sue and Sandor in Bells Are Ringing. Photo credit Jessica Woehler


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