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Davis Shakespeare Festival 2016!

We are deep in rehearsals for Bells Are Ringing and Cyrano de Bergerac with Davis Shakespeare Ensemble! I am so excited to be adventuring on this journey not only as an actor, but as fight director and associate producer!

Sue in Bells Are Ringing

Fight Director, Jodelet, et al Cyrano de Bergerac

These shows are definitely a tour de force with a fantastic cast... bigger than we have had before! It is my largest fight choreography adventure to date with all the different intricate fights through Cyrano. So far we have finished the Cyrano vs. Valvert fight and I couldn't be more thrilled! Matt Edwards as Cyrano and Kyle Stoner as Valvert are a hilarious duo. Creating this world of danger, grandiose, and panache with director, Rob Salas is an exciting challenge for me. Cyrano's fighting ability is deeply engrained in the story and helps propel the life of these characters.

Playing Sue opposite of Kyle Stoner's Sandor is an ABSOLUTE JOY! I love working with Kyle. This our fourth and fifth show together. Director Dennis Beasley is giving life to this rarely done but endearing musical.

Running June 23rd - July 31st

Get your tickets now at

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