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Winter Wonderland Workshop 2016!

After 7 years I got to attend the annual Winter Wonderland Workshop in Chicago! It was absolutely amazing to return to the fight family after so long and still feel an immediate connection with the people and the work. As well as doing the workshop, I attended the Rapier and Cloak intensive that ran 3 days preceding the normal workshop. It was pretty awesome! Working with a cloak is finnicky, but it is an exciting challenge. I feel like it is a weapon with so much comedic and fun potential. Looking forward to working with it more! I ended the intensive by getting certified in Rapier and Cloak with Stage Combat Deutschland!

I took some amazing classes during WWW this year, including recertifying recommended in Unarmed combat with the SAFD. Other classes I took included Case of Rapiers (Scot Mann), Stupid Sword Tricks (David Woolley), Broadsword Flow (John Macfarland), Life or Death Multi-Tasking - Rapier and Dagger (Dave Gonzalez), Slop it Up Single Sword (Brian LeTraunik), Victorian Standard Combats (Roger Bartlett), Single Sword be Fun-ny (Michael Johnson), Wounds & Kills of Capo Ferro (David Woolley), and Samurai Swashbuckling (Dale Girard). Needless to say, it was a fun filled and exhausting week!


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