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Winter Break for Hamlet

As schools go on Holiday break, so the tour goes on Holiday break! We've gone from Cerritos to Laytonville on this leg of the tour... covering the majority of California in between including Bakersfield, Modesto, Napa, and many more. We've gone to elementary schools, high schools, senior homes, libraries, and community centers! The tour continues in the spring from January until April 9th. It has been awesome to see so many kids learning and responding to Shakespeare. I have been delightfully surprised by how well the younger kids have received such an intense tragedy, like Hamlet. Luckily, Shakespeare is a smart guy and wrote some comedy in each of the darker shows!

I have to say I am happy to have a little break though. I am getting to go home to Colorado for the holidays. Also I'll be going to Chicago to get certified in Rapier and cloak and attend the annual Winter Wonderland Workshop with MACE and SAFD. First things first though, A Winter Evening with DSE!!! Stay tuned for updates from new adventures!

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