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"Hamlet" Tour Begins!

We've started the "Hamlet" tour! It's amazing to see how many new discoveries are made once we are on the road and doing the show numerous times a day. The different audiences - ranging from kindergarten to senior centers - really help influence the kind of show we put up that day. Having done the tour last year with "As You Like It", it's really interesting to see the same locations react to a tragedy. Cramming the 4.5 hour epic of "Hamlet" into an hour is no easy feat, but I have been delightfully surprised at how well our audiences (including kindergarteners!) have understood the story. Just goes to show how universal Shakespeare's themes are: loss, heartache, betrayal. Doesn't matter how old you are, they are inherently human feelings and we understand the heart of the story. This little taste of "Hamlet" does make me look forward to the day I get to work on a full production of it... the text is just so good!

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