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We're Off to the Races!

The shows are up and running. We just began our third weekend of shows! One of the questions people seem to ask actors often is "how do you continue to do the same show over and over again? Doesn't it get boring?" Never. It is never the same show twice. Things are constantly changing and evolving. Live theatre can never be the same. Things break (had a dagger break before a fight last weekend! Luckily we had a spare, but had to have an impromptu fight call at intermission!), you could trip walking up the stairs (did that this evening!), or any number of kooky hijinks! Especially with a show like "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" things just can't be the same. Once you bring the audience into the show in sucha capacity, they become another actor with you. You react to their reactions and becomes a much more magical and personal experience for all. Come check out "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" and "Twelfth Night" with DSE! 3 more weekends left!

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