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First Day of Rehearsal!

The first day of rehearsal is like the first day of school as every actor knows. You can barely sleep the night before with the excited/nervous anticipation! Scenarios running through your head and wondering if you know your lines well enough. The morning dawns and you cleverly plan out an outift that is cute and casual, but still expresses your personality while also having the ability to move just in case you leave the table work behind and hop onto your feet! Then, you pack up your bag, head out the door and hope that you make some friends, you learn something, and that all will be fantastic.

Thankfully today fell perfectly within those lines! Just the jumping off point to get me really excited for the summer! We had our first rehearsal for "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" with The Davis Shakespeare Ensemble. For one, it's always exciting to put faces to names and hear different voices reading the script instead of just your own voice reading to your pets. It is even better when those voices exceed what you imagined! Needless to say I am thoroughly excited for this summer. Davis won't know what hit them... TALLY HO!

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