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Magic and Fights with QDT's Spell Eternity

It is an pleasure to get to work with friends in this business... but it's an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC to work with friends on an original piece that involves magic, reanimated corpses, and awesomeness all around! Which is exactly what this new show I have the joy of fight directing at Quantum Dragon Theatre. We've blocked the first act, but there is a lot of excitement to tackle in act 2. I don't want to give too much away, but if you are in the Bay this April/May... don't miss this piece!

QDT is my dear friend Sam Tillis' creation. A theatre company who's mission is to create nerdy sci-fi and fantasy works. Right up my alley! I was pumped when Sam called me in to help on this brand new play written by the lovely Alandra Hileman. Learn more about QDT by going to their website:

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