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Goodbye Tour Life: "As You Like It" Closes.

After three months, it is goodbye "As You Like It". From January till April I got to roam through the forest of Arden in elementary schools, high schools, senior living centers, libraries, anywhere that would take us and share our love of Shakespeare! I have never done a school tour before, so not only was it educational for the kids, but also for me. It was a challenge trying to squeeze Shakespeare's lyrical vocabulary into an hour while also catering to whatever audience we had: performing for kindergarteners requires a very different show than a senior living center! I really relished in the challenge, but what made it even better was the cast we had. Spending hours in the van (or Vanymede Garvantua of Orvando, as we called it) really brings you closer together. So much love to Kyle Stoner, Mark Meixel, Nikki Akraboff, Perry Aliado, Alicia Stamps, Braedyn Youngberg, Claire Haider, Monica Ammerman, Julie Douglas, and our amazing director Stephen Muterspaugh! I'm sad to see it go, but looking forward to what is next! Hopefully more trouser roles!

Rosalind reading Orlando's RIDICULOUS letters that our director wrote... there was some Celion Dion and Dirty Dancing put in there.


Julie Douglas with me as Amiens and Duke Senior

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